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Creating wealth through business
and investment


NAME: Kevin Chiak

Company: K-Champs Health and Fitness Academy

Profession: Health Coach, Pageant & Body Builder

Learning Points: Entrepreneurship, Mindset

NAME: Martin Woo

Company: WMartin F&B Concepts

Profession: Celebrity Chef, F&B Consultant

Learning Points: Entrepreneurship, F&B

NAME: Leslie Kwok

Company: Spa Elements

Profession: Entrepreneur, Swimmer, Investor, Coach

Learning Points: Entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, mindset

NAME: Opher Brayer

Company: Stages Global

Profession: Talent Development expert, Business Mentor, Coach, Teacher, Methodologist & Creator

Learning Points: Innovation, Talent Development

NAME: Charles Dombek

Company: Sherborne Media Partners

Profession: Entrepreneur, Investor, Accountant, Wealth Strategist

Learning Points: Entrepreneurship, Investing

NAME: Manoj Kumar

Company:Option Pundit

Profession: Entrepreneur, Investor, Coach

Learning Points: Entrepreneurship, Options & Derivatives

NAME: Freddy Yap

Company: Finest Food

Profession: Entrepreneur

Learning Points: Healthcare, quality assurance

NAME: Rayney Wong

Company: Rayney Wong & Eric Ng

Profession: Lawyer, Property Investor

Learning Points: Property Investing


Company: JT Foxx organization

Profession: Serial Entrepreneur, Wealth Coach, Radio & TV Personality, Best Selling Author, Investor

Learning Points: Wealth Creation

NAME: Mohamed Ismail Gafoor

Company: Propnex

Profession: Entrepreneur, Property Investor

Learning Points: Start up, Property Investing

NAME: Sam Goh

Company: Ding Ying Capital Group

Profession: Entrepreneur, Equity Investing, Derivative Trading

Learning Points: Start up, Investing, China Market

NAME: Leith Neo

Company: Qi Ji, New Era Group of Companies

Profession: Entrepreneur

Learning Points: F&B, Central Kitchen

NAME: Jean Nasr

Company: Mouawad Singapore

Profession: Managing Director

Learning Points: Service Experience

NAME: James Wong

Company: Phoon Huat

Profession: Alternate Director & New Project Director

Learning Points: Business Operations

NAME: Mason Tan

Company: Garden Impact Investments

Profession: Venture Capitalist

Learning Points: Entrepreneurship

NAME: Lim Siong Guan

Company: GIC

Profession: Group President, Speaker

Learning Points: Honour, Leadership, Change Management

NAME: Norman Tien

Company: NeuroMath

Profession: Serial entrepreneur, educator, author

Learning Points: Education

NAME: Martin Bém

Company:Ponte & Partners

Profession: Serial entrepreneur

Learning Points: F&B, Micro Breweries