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Norman Tien

Norman Tien

Mr. Norman Tien is an educator, author, successful serial entrepreneur and highly sought after International speaker.

From humble beginnings and a childhood of financial struggle, Norman’s dreams were bigger, his hunger for success was already present in his mind at the age of 14. It was then a clear choice that he will embark on owning his own business that he began doodling his company logo.

Norman began tutoring part time as a math tutor during his tertiary schooling days but little did he know that eventually that “part time” job would turn into a multi-million dollar business. Neuoromathä is a learning center with a time proven concept that is results oriented for pre-school, primary, secondary and junior college students to gain and improve the skills for an inquisitive mind for questioning (to ask), a trained eye for observing (to see), a logical mind for reasoning (to think) and the confidence needed for better decision making.

Norman has lived life filled with experiences, including spending 2 years living in a 62 footer yacht with his family. At his age of 49, he is still embarking on new learnings. He went back to the driving school to upgrade his license in pursuit of riding his Harley Davidson and Can-Am Spyder motorcycle, and spent hundreds of hours in his deep research in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology to marry his math contents with technology, bringing education alive again.

Norman states “I never imagined the success and impact I would have on young people as well as other entrepreneurs when I first started Neuromathä. I’m excited to have enriched the lives of even more people than I have ever imagined.”

It’s this type of approach and attitude that separate Norman from his peers and makes him a true inspiration as an educator, entrepreneur and International speaker.