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Leith Neo

Leith is the Director of Sales of New Era Group of Companies and his main responsibility is to formulate and implement strategies that deliver optimal and seamless sales achievement for the Group. He co-founded New Era in 1994 and is involved in developing the business and management strategies of the regional offices.

New Era Group of Companies is the leading distributor of video games, computer games, as well as games peripherals in Asia. New Era represents world-class US, UK, German, Australian, French, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Finnish and Russian companies and has achieved a significant market share in the Asia Pacific region. Our product offering encompasses games and peripherals on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 1, Xbox 360 and PC platforms.

Leith is also the Chief Investment Officer of Qi Ji Group of Companies. He co-founded Qi Ji in 1999 and is involved in developing a strong business model, recruiting talents and managing capital deployment for the Group.

Qi Ji is the market leader in serving authentic Singaporean cuisine. The Group operates a chain of retail outlets, a dedicated Catering Service unit and a Central Kitchen facility. At Qi Ji Central Kitchen, innovation and attention are key in perfecting the recipes and maintaining consistency in the food quality. The strengths of the business lie in kinship, culinary skills and professional management - everyone working relentlessly towards a shared vision and staying united (i.e. Miracle of Togetherness).