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Freddy Yap

Freddy Yap was in the banking and finance sector for more than 10 years. After three years as a financial controller, he decided to set up his very own packaging business in 2005, overseeing all aspects of the company from design to printing, material sourcing and packaging creation. Today, he currently owns and runs businesses, offices, warehouses and factories across Singapore and Malaysia with a focus on customised printing for paper and plastic packaging.

In 2012, he delved into the business of food. Freddy noticed that so much of the food we eat is genetically modified or filled with additives and remains a firm believer that food with the right nutritional support can assist you in restoring health and rejuvenation. After a bout of illness, he decided to take control of his health and spent time in Malaysia recuperating where he met with his cousin, an owner of a bird’s nest farm. He found that many bird’s nest brands were not fully transparent about their production processes. This motivated him to set up Superior Brand to offer premium bird’s nests that were not only free from chemicals but were also HACCP (Food Safety According to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) certified to assure customers that each process, from source to end product complied with the highest levels of qualities and safety standards in the world. Every single batch of bird’s nest undergoes a thorough quality control and check with supporting laboratory reports before being approved for retail.

As CEO, Freddy takes a hands on approach to running his Superior brand team, personally visiting the bird’s nest farms and laboratory regularly to ensure stringent processes are being adhered to. He also oversees, sources and researches for all new products, providing his own seal of approval before selecting it to become part of the family brand. He has since introduced a proprietary blend of organic chia seeds sourced from Mexico and Peru, micro-sliced for better absorption. The company will also be launching a line of Superior honey, rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties, to their range of wellness products soon.

To Freddy, building a brand with a strong reputation and a business with integrity is paramount. He personally believes that by eating well, you can live well and by taking care of your body, mind and spirit, you can in turn, take care of others. He conducts several food tasting sessions across the island to empower people with the knowledge to differentiate good quality birds’ nest through its look, smell, overall taste and texture. He is also looking to introduce chia seeds to pre-school and kindergarten meals soon with the hope that schools can introduce more fibre into children’s meals. By doing so, he hopes that kids can learn the habits of maintaining a balanced diet at a young age. Through Superior Brand, he is motivated by the ability to provide nutrition to others and the satisfaction he receives from seeing first-hand the impact Superior Brand’s products make in supporting people’s health.