Ms. Jenny Teo & Mr. Darren Cheng 2nd Gen. Owners of Multi-million Business

Since taking the helm in Jenny’s father’s company last year, both Jenny and Darren Cheng have fused innovation with tradition to provide above & beyond professional funeral services that focus on sincerity and compassion, and has led this well-established brand of 30 years to become a multi-million dollar business.

Mediacorp Channel 5 recently ran a 6 part series titled “Death is Our Business” detailing what their company does, giving the viewers unprecedented access to the world of undertaker. By coming into the funeral services industry, both of them hope to improve the standard of the industry, to introduce a higher level of professionalism and transparency. Come learn how you too can fuse innovation with tradition into your business to, and in a way “bring it back to life”.

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