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COL (NS) Mohamed Ismail Gafoor is the CEO of P&N Holdings as well as its flagship subsidiary PropNex Pte Ltd, Singapore’s largest homegrown real estate company. P&N Holdings was ranked runner-up in the prestigious Enterprise 50 awards in 2011, having businesses in sectors such as property development, brokerage, training and finance. He is an investor, entrepreneur and a success coach to many Million-Dollar Club Producers in the Real Estate arena.

Ismail’s childhood was instrumental in his career, both as an army officer and as an entrepreneur. In fact, he gave up his comfortable path as a pensionable Officer of the Singapore Armed Forces to pursue his passion, striking out on his own as an entrepreneur using his savings and never looked back since.

Despite a busy schedule running P&N Holdings, Ismail has juggled numerous appointments and activities in other organisations, such as past President of AMREA (Association of Muslim Real Estate Agents) as well as past President of the Institute of Estate Agents. Ismail is currently Army Museum’s Board of Governors and Brigade Commander of Singapore 12 Infantry Brigade.

To date, he wrote a total of 3 books with one of them titled “You Can Fly”, a motivational book, which was officially launched on 20 July 2005 with His Excellency Mr S R Nathan, President of the Republic of Singapore coming in as both his foreword writer and special Guest of Honour for the launch. Ismail also published the 4th edition of “The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investment in Singapore” which he shared insights to the real estate industry and this book was the top seller for the past 3 editions, that were widely available in all major bookstores. Determined to continue his efforts in reaching and educating more individuals, especially the younger generation, Ismail ventured into writing the third book “The Timeless Gift” in 2011.

Ismail has been awarded many accolades. These include: the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, a Spirit of Enterprise Award and the prestigious NSMan of the Year Award in 2004.

In 2008, he was the winner of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises’ Top Entrepreneur of the Year and Top Entrepreneur for eCommerce Awards, and Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Overall Indian Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

A firm believer of training and life-long learning, Ismail has institutionalised a complete series of learning programs that includes developmental seminars, workshops, consultancy services and legal support for all his property consultants so that they can stay ahead of competition and deliver the maximum value to home investors.

He has spoken about property investments to various organisations and numerous events, both locally and abroad. He is currently the keynote speaker at the quarterly Consumer Empowerment Seminars, with close to 1,000 attendees each session, empowering home owners, savvy investors of property market trends for more informed decisions. His views and insights on the property scene are much sought after given his inspirational communication skills, ability to lead, motivate and influence people.

about us

About Us

Welcome to the Intelligent Millionaire Network, the global and local network whose intention is to get you the tools, support, and connection to get your business to that first million. If you are a millionaire, we support you to get you to that 10 million mark, and those who dare to push the 100 million, we give you the tools to do so as well. This is not like any other business club where every month an ordinary speaker speaks and at the end they try to sell to you some book or CD set. This is your millionaire accountability group, who will not let you fail.

“We don’t teach you how to become millionaires, we create them”. The best way to become one is to learn from our local and global millionaires, who have been there, done that, and continue to make money in their business. Now our members are being taken on this journey.

No stones will be unturned, every opportunity from passive wealth, business growth, property investments, business management, etc, will be explored. Each month we bring in a local or global millionaire for you to learn from, network with, and ask your questions to. Each speaker will be aligned to help you achieve the goals you are looking to achieve with your business. We will be studying millionaires and multi-millionaires to dissect how exactly they made their millions and how they continue to do so. Every month, these millionaire speakers speak to you with the intension to share his/her journey, tribulation, and failures. There will be live interactions between members where your questions will be answers and you will get unstuck. Don’t let that million dollar, or multi-million dollar figure scare or intimidate you… you will get there. This network is your ticket to do so.

Every entrepreneur strives to become a millionaire. At first, it’s all about the money.. and being financial free, owning your own business that is thriving and successful, and is giving back to the world. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. For some, being a millionaire means having a lot of money in your business account, for others having a successful business that generates millions means you are helping a lot of people.

To become a millionaire in this economy you can’t be afraid to fail. There are a lot people that are more talented than you, smarter than you, but what you have is the first that burns inside you, what you will have is a network and a movement backing you with the wind behind your sales. It isn’t an easy ride, it’s a lot of hard work, but with the right connection and the right mindset, you are unstoppable.

Network Owner

Alson Kong has 19 years of experience in Financial Advisory and has won numerous industry awards. He is a Life Member of Million Dollar Round Table, an International Premier Association for Financial Professionals. He has coached many advisors and clients to achieve great financial success.
He is a regular speaker for numerous property investor club like Property Millionaires Program, Property Investment Program and Azea Property Investment. He is also a trainer for Real Estate Salesperson Program with LMA, Singapore Accredited Mortgage Planners Program with SAEA and Mortgage Course for Financial Planners with IFPAS.
With his background in Financial Planning, he brings about a new dimension towards property purchase. He strongly believes that understanding one’s financial blueprint is vital in finding the right investment opportunity. His mission for the club is to create a global platform for high net worth individuals, startups, business owners, property investor and prominent celebrities to network to increase their networth.


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